Reducing damage to product, packaging, property, and improving personal safety in the workplace.

Reducing damage to product, packaging and property caused by forklift trucks, and improving personal safety around forklifts in the workplace.





Introducing SUMOGlove

The SUMOGlove is a safety product which has proved to significantly reduce forklift damage related costs and enhance Health and Safety provisions.Click here to see;

  • Case Study: Kodak UK Study. SUMOGlove had effectively saved  86.6% of their product damage bill.
  • Independent Test Report: The  Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech. In layman’s language this report demonstrates that when you use the SUMOGlove you can almost forget about damage to your pallets and tote boxes and as well it shows that your product will be difficult to damage.
  • Video: SUMOGlove Executive Overview which shows actual pallet loads drop tests against a bare forklift tyne and against a SUMOGlove protected forklift tyne.
  • Reduces damage
  • To Property
  • To Products
  • To packaging
  • To People
  • Save Money
  • Reduce injuries
  • Improve productivity

Ordering SUMOGloves

Introducing SUMOLevel

which is the most accurate mast tilt indicator on the market, designed to eliminate the accidental damage that is often caused to a pallet, the load and the racking by a lift truck’s forks during the pallet picking and put-away process.

Achieving an accuracy of 0.02 degrees of tilt angle. This incredible accuracy means that SumoLevel can be used with all attachments, even the longest extended forks and carpet booms. For example, a 3m long boom can be adjusted to within 1mm of level along its length.

SUMOLevel helps businesses lower their carbon footprint. See;

  • cost savings,
  • Time & Movement study,
  • Time Savings,
  • Double stacking benefits



  • Mast tilt indicator
  • Clear and precise levelling of the load
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Improve safety
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Retro-fitted
  • ROI as low as one day

Ordering SUMOLevel

Introducing SUMOBackbone for Reach Trucks

The Backbone® for Reach Trucks, addresses the hazard of standup forklift under-ride. This occurs when a rack cross beam intrudes into the operator cabin, crushing the operator between the cross beam and the front of the cabin and/or the boom. This causes catastrophic, life-altering injuries and death. Under-ride occurs because the backs of most reach truck cabins are open, with no physical barrier between the operator and horizontal cross beams. The Backbone® is an easily installed ANSI compliant safety bar that acts as a bumper, providing that missing physical barrier.

See video of Backbone protection and also installation.

  • Removes under-ride hazard
  • Defends your operators
  • Negates a cause for litigation
  • ROI as low as 1 week

Ordering SUMOBackbone

The bright yellow SumoGlove is our flagship icon

It is “The catalyst for change”…the bright yellow SUMO Glove sends out a constant , ever present message that forklifts are dangerous …forklifts need to be seen and operators need to respect the dangers and see beyond their load.

Can you Justify Investment in Safety Equipment or Infrastructure?

The financial logic of this article still applies today.

Keeping people safe, reducing accidents, reducing damage, reducing downtime, reducing accidents obviously will save any company money. You will not get any argument from management, unions or employees about this.   However, additional investments in safety must be justified like any investment that a company makes be it production machinery, facility improvements, material handling equipment, office equipment, etc. So safety managers must win support for the financial investment in a safety program and must provide management tangible proof of the economic gains the company accrues when it invests in safety equipment and programs.

This can be done with very simple formulas. These are probably the same formulas that we use in our company today to assist our customers with figures that will be suitable to present to their board for decision. Click here for our formula.

Submitted by: Terry Wickman