Vetter Tempered Steel Forks
Reinforced ‘Optima’ Heel for longer life
Pre-Fitted with the SUMOGlove
All Fork sizes available

Think SAFE. Work SAFE. Drive SAFE.

SUMOGlove led us to SUMOSafeFork where we offer end users a reliable and unique system, while saving money on fork costs.

Quality is assured with SUMOSafeFork as we supply the best steel forks available in the region. In most regions the fork of choice  features the re-enforced “Optima Heel” made by Vetter, (*currently available in North America, Europe and in some other regions/countries).

With the thicker heel for longer life and SumoGlove giving the tip of the fork the protection it needs, not only are material handling costs improved but Safe Fork now gives Operation managers an alternative to the poorer quality forks available in the market.

Fitted at factory level, the SUMOSafeFork is delivered to your site and takes only the time of an engineer to swap out the forks, before being operational. Thus avoiding downtime that may occur on trucks when SUMOGlove is fitted on site.

SafeFork pricing

SUMOSafeFork is available in all sizes and can be tailored to a customer’s specific length and size of fork as needed.

Dependent on Fork sizes, costing for 1 Pair of SUMOSafeForks starts at £575 incorporating both the SumoGlove and Vetter “Optima Heel”. We do support all sizes, please contact us if you require a quote.

Orders will be dispatched 7-10 days from confirmation. If you would like the costing on a specific number of sets or any specific fork not listed please contact the information desk.


in some countries outside North America and Europe, we offer either;

  • the SUMOGloves factory fitted locally on quality Forks which have been sourced locally. These may not be Vetter brand, or
  • the SUMOSafefork on Vetter Optima forks to customers with large volume orders (justifying additional international freight costs).

Ordering SAFEFork