Removes under-ride hazard

Defends your operators

Negates a cause for litigation

ROI as low as 1 week

The SUMOBackbone Safety Bar for Reach Trucks Stops Standup Forklift Underride

The greatest risk to a stand-up forklift operator is being involved in a collision with immobile objects such as racking components. Surprisingly, this even exceeds the risk of overturning.

Standup forklift underride can occur when a horizontal rack beam can penetrate the operator compartment. If there are no pallets or stock on the floor, and no bumpers at the height of the overhead guard, the forklift is free to keep backing up, crushing the operator between the rack beam and the front of the compartment. You can see a video illustration here.

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In a 2008 report, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) stated that “greater than 50% of . . . 3,000 accidents studied involved a collision between a stand-up forklift and a stationary object, resulting in . . . 700 serious injuries and 22 deaths . . . of operators.”

To prevent forklift underride, you can take these actions:

Adjust the rack shelf heights so the forklift body or overhead guard strikes the rack in the event of contact.

Install a barrier on the floor, such as a curb or floor level shelf so that the bottom of the forklift strikes the barrier.

But often, these actions are impractical. The ASME report authors concluded that additional forklift guarding, such as rear vertical posts extending from the forklift body to the overhead guard, will prevent injuries associated with horizontal intrusion collisions.

The Backbone® Safety Bar for Reach Trucks & Standup Counterbalance Trucks has been manufactured since 2011. The Backbone® is fully compliant with the ANSI B56.1 Standards, offering protection against collisions up to 1.6 km/h.

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