Adding safety to the logistics management and warehousing sectors.

SUMOSAFE – How it Works

The Need

Forklifts need to be made safer and there needs to be a culture change where safe operation of forklifts is the paramount consideration, much like the growing culture in developed countries for safe roads and safe speeds.

Forklift accidents kill and maim about 100 people around the world daily and significantly harm a company’s bottom line.

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The Plan – The Venture

The Founders of this venture have gathered a group of dedicated and influential people together to offer simple but realistic and affordable solutions which will significantly improve the safety of forklifts.

With the help of SUMOSultants we will influence decision makers in Government and the industry to insist that these and/or similar safety measures are installed or implemented.

The SUMOSafe range of products includes;



Forklift accidents are very costly to business. If people are hurt, the cost can be horrendous. We need protection …we need a strong defence; an impenetrable barrier, a safety culture and a trained, disciplined ever present guardian; …a Sumo Protector… SUMOSafety.

SUMOSAFE products reduce harm to people, product and facilities caused by forklifts in the workplace.

SUMOSafe Benefits

The Benefit to any organisation installing the SumoSafe technologies as part of their daily material handling operations will be quickly realised.

SUMOSafe products;

  • will reduce your operating costs
  • will drastically reduce damage to product, packaging, and property and improve personal safety in the workplace.
  • are patented products designed specifically for damage protection from fork lift trucks.
  • can improve environmental sustainability figures.
  • can be easily installed on site or can be delivered as part of the SafeFork system.
Time for Change

Today….Each company builds the associated costs of Health & Safety provisions into their yearly financial models, along with the associated cost of damage to product, packaging, property and other related costs caused by damage.

High costs (losses) have become universally accepted as part of the cost of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, freight…in fact all  logistics costings.

We believe at SUMOSAFE, that these costs can be lowered across the industry.

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